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We carry out fieldwork in Japan and abroad, sharing time and space with people who actually live.

​In fieldwork, we gather all our physical strength and sensibility. It is considerably hard activity. However, things can not normally be well done, even if we have done so hard. We can't manage the knowledge we've learned and the skill so well. Common sense, which we thought ordinary, will be deeply shaken. The reality that people live will demonstrate the deep reality of life as the essence of architecture for you.

Facing such a reality, things may seem to be only rubbish,  no matter how you can design cool on a PC or you obtain full of the knowledge from the textbook. However, on the other hand, we can develop a practical capability by confronting reality, by experiencing such a reality.


Based on the idea, we do fieldwork on an annual basis. Field work is essential for all members of the laboratory. Field work is the methodology that we can do dialog with reality.

Activation and regeneration of community

Activation and regeneration of community

  1. Sustaining and regenerating the cultural landscape of the waterfront village (Thailand, Laos)

  2. Village redesigns using the Eco museum (Thailand / Laos)

  3. Activation of Kurima Island (Okinawa)

Preservation, regeneration and utilization of architecture

  1. Preservation and utilization of modern Ethiopian urban architecture (Ethiopia)

  2. Traditional Hanok and courtyard (Korea) 

Human history / Cultural area

  1. South American architectural research based on the Integrative Human Historical Science of "Out of Eurasia", Exploring the Mechanisms of the Development of Civilization (Cuba)

  2. Study of the residential cultural area of the river basin of the Mimi River (Kumamoto)

Techniques for driving the city

  1. Development of residence history and slum clearance method regarding the withdrawal of Khlong Toei (Thailand)

  2. Urban settlement research

  3. Whereabouts of children in modern mega cities


  1. Pre modern housing and dwelling culture

  2. Architecture and mind

  3. Community under the COVID -19 pandemic

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