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I am



It would be better to explain a little about him.


This guy is a simple man, but strange person who originally learned architecture and cheated other academics like cultural anthropology on the way. You can understand that strangeness if you face and talk to him directly.


As his characteristics, there is always a tendency to see things diagonally. He doesn't like authority or power, and he's going to intimidate those who like it. Moreover, he sees people who love power only as a senseless people and smiles secretly at them. These may be caused either by significant intimidation of authorities or powerful persons during learning cultural anthropology or loving cultural anthropology. 


His liking for a black joke might have something to do with it. Even if we say something that is very interesting, we should be careful because it is almost nothing to him. Please keep in mind this guy loves a TV show like What a Hilarious Guys We are (Oretachi Hyokin Zoku) and Monty Python. 

This guy is quiet on the surface, but is occasionally violent. He also has a simple emotion. It causes as an unknown behavior. Long before, as I did not understand what he did, he has been selling away, giving up to the friends all the household goods and belongings, and disappeared himself to go abroad for several years. In addition, occasionally, a beating action is observed, such as trading beads and attempting to apprentice to a medicine man or shaman. If you see a sign that he is trying to do that, please be sure to pay attention to it.


The motto of this guy is rolling stone gathers no moss. Therefore, it is his nature that everything always changes, on the contrary he does not like to settle. If you force to do a job or overlap things which he does not want to do, it will cause the disappear soon. It is he who has kept his mind to live life without regret as far as he can. So, you need to be careful that he teases people who do not care like machines and people who want to just expect a harmoniously and to do what is manualized.

He is always sneering. He is free at all. He has heard Lynyrd Skynyrd's famous song Free Bird over 10,000 times. Because of that, it occurs often that he is not recognized as a university staff. He appears to be an elderly graduate student, or an unsuspecting person of unknown age. I've often heard that various dealers who appear at the lab ask the guy if there's a professor or not. Every time, he said no, I'm the one. There is a less favourable pastime for seeing their problems and enjoying them.

There are many things that influenced this guy. He worshiped The Clash and D. Bowie in gram as a god in a junior high school, now loves Black Sabbath of Osbourne era and Pink Floyd. The most favorite track and album recently released were There was a time in Chinese Democracy of Guns' N Roses. The same weird voice of Axel who became lonely felt very painful and felt sad when he heard it. Therefore, when he goes to karaoke, etc., he does not know anything about contemporary music, and this creates a deep gap between students. However, as his favorite songs are Julie's "as time passes" or the Kai band’s “winged things", it will not work.

He is also strongly influenced by Sakaguchi Ango and J.D.Salinjar. He had loved reading Ango's "Nihon Bunka Shikan", "Daraku ron", "Shinjyu", "Watashiwa Umiwo Dakishimete Itai" "Kazeto Hikarito Nijyuuno Watashito." Also, he loves Kobayashi Hideo "Letters to X", Kobayashi Hideo’s translation, A.Rambo "Hell Season", Lu· Guin "Gedo Senki, Wizardly of Earth Sea" "Night's Word", Hesse "Under the Wheel", Kafka "Gentile". In the cinema, he was strongly inspired by the work of J. Jarmusch in general. He once used "Dead Man" in an anthropology related class. Besides, he likes Scorsese, Besson, Wenders, Eastwood as a movie director. He likes Warhol and Waterhouse in artist. Moreover, he feels peaceful in the work of Impressionists such as Monet, Renoir, Utrillo. In general, it is an old hobby and shows that he has been left out in the times.

There are many things that he thinks as a cumbersome, but he does not particularly like textbook or doctrinal understanding. Be careful when you approach him by excessively swaying such things, you will soon get in a bad mood. Also, I think that this is a reaction to keep the field work too long, but it seems for him that even common sense or social convention is doubtful or meaningless, so this guy can be said to be the most nuisance person. Let's see. In addition, although it may be incredible, he will even say that even a society or a social group is a imagination, and sometimes even goes upside down, so when he does that, give consideration to calm his mind. If you leave him alone, it will always be troublesome.










この人の座右の銘は、rolling stone gathers no mossです。だから、つねに変転し、安住を好みません。無理に仕事を押し付けたり、嫌なことが重なったりすると、すぐにいなくなってしまいます。今を精一杯、悔いなく生きる、ということをずっとしてきた人です。だから、この人は、機械のように心ないことをしゃべる人や予定調和だけを望んでマニュアル化されたことを平気でする人を、やはり平気でいじめるので注意が必要です。




この人に影響を与えたものはたくさんあります。中学時代はThe Clashを、高校時代はグラム時代のD. Bowieを神と崇め、現在ではPink Floydとオズボーン時代のBlack Sabbathをこよなく愛しています。最近のもっともfavoriteな作品は、Guns' N RosesのChinese Democracy中のThere was a timeでした。ひとりぼっちになったアクセルの昔と変わらぬ声がとても切なくて、聞くたびに哀しくなります。ちなみに、最近買ったもっとも新しいアルバムは、Patti SmithのHorsesです。ですから、カラオケなどに行くと、現代のオシャレな曲をまったく知らず、学生たちとのあいだにたちどころに深い溝を生み出してしまいます。しかし、持ち歌がジュリーの「時の過ぎ行くままに」とか甲斐バンド「翼あるもの」などですから、それもしかたないでしょう。


坂口安吾やサリンジャーからも強く影響を受けています。安吾の「日本文化私観」や「堕落論」「真珠」、「私は海をだきしめてゐたい」「風と光と二十の私と」などを愛読していました。また、小林秀雄「Xへの手紙」、小林秀雄訳ランボー「地獄の季節」、ル・グィン「ゲド戦記」「夜の言葉」、ヘッセ「車輪の下」、カフカ「異邦人」などが大好きでした。映像では、J. ジャームッシュ全般の作品に強くインスパイアされており、「Dead Man」を人類学関連の授業で使うなどの暴挙に出ていました。ほかに、スコセッシ、ベッソン、ヴェンダース、イーストウッドを監督として好んでいます。artistではwarholとwaterhouseを好んでいます。また、モネやルノアール、ユトリロなどの印象派の作品に安らぎを感じています。総じて、古くさい趣味で、時代に取り残された感があります。


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