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  • Ikuro Shimizu

International Workshop for Regeneration and Utilization of Traditional Housing and Dwelling Culture, CM, Thailand

Two workshops were held in Chiang Mai, former capital of the Lanna Tai Kingdom, which lasted until the 19th century in northern Thailand. (1) In a farming village of the Kheun people, who were brought from the former Shan State of Burma more than 200 years ago to form the territory of the kingdom and to pay tribute in lacquer ware, an eco-museum that was established by renovating an old house was severely damaged by recent floods, and we reorganized and restored while staying overnight in the village. In the harsh climate of the transition from cold to hot season, students worked hard with local university students and were able to successfully restore the museum in three short days by repairing the roof, painting the exterior walls, restoring the displays and fixtures, and maintaining the interior of the house. In the lacquerware workshop area of Chiang Mai's Old City, we discovered issues and problems that needed to be resolved based on field surveys, and proposed a design that would contribute to the revitalization of the community while resolving them. In this area, students collaborated with local university students to create a powerful proposal in the harsh climate, and held a presentation of the final results at the Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University. Guest critics also participated, and a lively exchange of ideas took place. In addition, to learn about the history of Chiang Mai and its traditional architectural style, students visited the Cultural Arts Center, the Lanna Architectural Center, a historical temple, and the Lanna Traditional House Museum.


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