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  • Ikuro Shimizu

Visual Architectural Spatiology restarted

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Laboratory meeting for Visual Architectural Spatiology, which was last suspended since 2019 due to the spread of the new Coronavirus, has now resumed.

Originally, it has its roots in the Ethnography of Visual Documentation Study, which was voluntarily started by graduate students when we were graduate students at the National Museum of Ethnography, Osaka.

Anthropologists conducting anthropological fieldwork around the world encounter movies and television on a daily basis. It is also an excellent medium for representing the reality of society and culture instead of ethnography, and its potential has begun to be discussed then.

This study group is wide opened, and the participation of many students causes exciting discussions about how space is created and represented in the movie or any other kind of visual materials.

The first subject was Dead Man, a 1995 film directed by Jim Jarmusch.

Depicting the journey to death in the farthest lands, this film is a great way to learn the depth and criticism of the film.


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