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  • Ikuro Shimizu

COVID-19 and Community

Updated: May 15, 2021

It's already been a year since the Coronavirus wreck began. Nowadays, the exit is still invisible, and only the exhaustion of people and society is reported.

Of the many discourses about the new Coronavirus, not many are valuable. It may be in this era when everyone can say anything that they want to say.

Earlier, I wrote on FB that it is important to stay away from such vulnerable, or Irresponsible wisdom and discourse in this situation, but that idea is still the same.

What taught me this was "Tatsushi Fujihara: Guidelines for Life in a Pandemic."

Now, what about architecture? Unfortunately, so far, I haven't seen anything that is significant.

The new Coronavirus has changed human life. In the year since the outbreak, many things have actually changed. But what has changed in the last year is just the simplest thing that can be changed in just one year. In the future, human life will change in the longer term. There must be a change that will take over the years and decades, but there is still no architectural answer to that.

What can be changed in a year should be handled by a field that specializes in such simple operations that can changed in a year.

For example, not being gathered. Human beings have communal aspect, and we have been able to out to all parts of the earth today because we as a gathering group have dealt with things that cannot be dealt with individually.

The role of gatherings has been great in today's society, but how does the reality of being unable to do so affect the way people and society should be?

Research is needed to examine the effects of the long span, and it will be possible to study how the effects of the new Coronavirus appear at the individual, family, and society levels.


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