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  • Ikuro Shimizu

GPBL & JSPS Research in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, November 2023

It was my great experiences to see the real housing situation of so-called Kebele Housing System in Ethiopia.

Kebele housing – government-managed rental housing that is inexpensive but typically of low-quality – is the second most common form of rental tenure (20% of total rental housing units) and is especially prevalent in urban areas, where 345,428 kebele units are located (95% of all kebele units). The 148,645 units in Addis Ababa – 43% of all urban kebele units in the country – account for nearly 40% of all rental housing in the city. The high rate of kebele housing units in Addis Ababa explains the city’s lower share of rentals supplied by private households relative to the country average. Kebele housing provides an affordable housing alternative for low- income households.


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