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  • Ikuro Shimizu

Small trip to mountains in Chiang Rai

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

We had Small trip to mountains in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

First, Kuomintang, or KMT, or 国民党’s village, in Doi Maesalong mountain to visit The Martyr's Memorial Hall and see the Chinese style houses.

The village is very famous for those working in Chiang Rai and is also of great anthropological interest.

Previously, military personnel were not disarmed and access was a considerable hassle. I visited for the first time in ten years.

Another more significant visit was the Akha village where I spent two years.

It was also my first time in ten years to visit this village. In recent years, most of my research has focused on Thai communities in the lowlands, and I did not have time to access the mountains. This visit after a long time aroused deep emotions in me, and I strongly felt that I should not lose my origins.

The village seems to be doing reasonably well with coffee growing, and my brother-in-law and the family I was with were all in good health, but all aged with the passage of time.

I was told by everyone I met that I was getting old, and I replied that I was getting old too. Then we pointed at each other's completely white hair and laughed. It was a good time.

I have a feeling that I will start a survey in this mountainous area from next year.


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