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  • Ikuro Shimizu

Inheritance of frottage Research on the current usage of Soichi Hata Archives

We will set up a research group to reconsider many research studies developed under Professor Soichi Hata of Architectural Planning and Design, and Comparative Dwelling and Housing Culture Studies, and to consider the current use of those materials.

While aiming to obtain external research grants and use crowdfunding together,

1. Promote the transfer and preservation of materials from his 33 years of research, especially in Ise Bay, Nansei Islands, mainland and islands of Southeast Asia.

2. Build a platform on the web to widely open and publish research results

3. Dr. Hata obtained the concept of "community, or living together" in the later years of his research activities as the key term extracted from the local societies. We rethink the construction process from various research materials. Further reconsider what this means for living in the modern world

4. We will consider how the frottage of the target society implemented as a fieldwork and design survey method is evaluated in the modern "extended fieldwork".

5. We will organize a traveling museum and promote the exhibition of drawings, photographs, etc. in each area surveyed, creating an opportunity for residents to think about their own culture from the perspective of comparison with the present age.

We are planning such a draft and are looking for researchers and private sectors to cooperate with us.

If you are interested, please contact us at the following.

Ikuo Shimizu, Faculty of Architecture, Shibaura Institute of Technology


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